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The Guides and Organizers

Jordi Bas

Jordi Bas

Jordi is a well known bird and wildlife photographer whose work has been widely published in books, magazines, journals, exhibitions and more in Spain and in other parts of Europe. Jordi is the photographic assessor and the first tester of our hides. Much of his photographic inspiration comes from birds, landscapes and wildlife in his native Catalonia.

Ramon Orpinell

Ramon, probably because of his experience in construction and renovation, is the cementer and fixer of the group. If something needs to be done, he’ll find the best way of doing it. He can also claim over 20 years of experience in the field of alternative and rural tourism and the efficient team of young professionals he has built up in that time are ready to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Steve West

Steve West

Steve is the director of Birding In Spain and has been involved in designing and leading birding tours around his adopted Catalonia since 1996. He is the author of two books on the birds of northeast Spain and is the marketing and communications manager for the bird photography initiative of La Sabina. Steve is the “bird man” of the group, who spends much of his time thinking of and searching for new species and locations.



Our philosophy

This is the only area where we sacrifice a degree of originality: it’s possibly a cliché, but it’s so true – what we want are satisfied clients. Photographers who go home loaded with great bird photos they are dying to look at again and to show their friends and colleagues; photographers who enjoyed the meals, the accommodation, the company and are happy to relate their experiences; photographers who would seriously consider coming back another time, or three or four, or more.

The way we go about ensuring this happy state is by hard work. Ours, not yours – we know you’re on holiday and are focused on the birds. Our work is to maximize your chances of getting the photo of the birds you came to get, and more if possible. We are also aware of the importance to constantly innovate and renovate, so that your experience and photos will never be identical to someone else’s.

But there’s also the comfort side of things: after a day cramped up in a hide we know that you will relish a good meal and a chance to relax, to share your day’s experiences and photos … a moment to become “human” again before going to bed and dreaming about the following day’s encounters. Don’t worry, you’ll be in good hands.


For more information abouts birds, photo tours, availavility, terms and conditions contact:

Steve West


Phone: +34 606855571 or


Authors photographs: Yves Adams, Jordi Bas, Jan-Michael Breider, Vincent Grau, Wim de Groot, Roy Mangersnes, Jan Pedersen, Beat Rüegger, Steve West.

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